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If Seems May Kill Child I am The Style Demon


If Seems May Kill Child I am The Style Demon refers back to the lyrics in a leaked snippet of a Destroy Lonely music which grew to become notable on TikTok in early 2023 through its use in movies that primarily used a clip of last fantasy character Prince Noctis within the backseat of a rushing automobile, trying solemnly out of the window on the cityscape. The music (which grew to become a TikTok sound) was additionally paired with different movies that featured romantic solitude and masculine power corresponding to one among spider-man and Batman. The movies had been then paired with humorous captions that contrasted the intense tone.


On October nineteenth, 2022, Destroy Lonely performed an unreleased snippet for his followers, almost certainly on Instagram Dwell. The video of him taking part in the snippet was screen-recorded and posted to YouTube on October nineteenth by YouTuber hades 𖤐, gaining roughly 71,600 views and three,100 likes in three months (proven beneath). Additionally on October nineteenth, 2022, the video was posted to TikTok by TikToker bleeckem in two elements.

If appears to be like may kill,
Child, I am the style demon,
Using down Candler highway, and I am speedin’.
I bought hella hoes tryna fuck me and my bros…


On October twenty fifth, 2022, YouTuber and producer phasewave posted a remastered model of the snippet, gaining roughly 497,900 views and 16,000 likes in three months (proven beneath).

Someday earlier than late November 2022, a since-deleted TikToker named Iopium posted a video of the snippet. Though TikToker Iopium’s video has since been deleted, the TikTok’s sound remained usable, inspiring utilization corresponding to by TikToker on November thirtieth, 2022. TikToker’s video is the primary recognized to make use of the sound, incomes roughly 21,400 performs and a pair of,600 likes in two months. The sound would encourage essentially the most meme utilization afterward.

On November thirteenth, 2022, TikToker thisisnotcaiden posted the first-known meme utilizing the Destroy Lonely snippet, displaying an alien creature driving a bike. The video acquired roughly 300,100 performs and 64,000 likes in two months (proven beneath, left). On December eighth, 2022, TikToker mont9na used Iopium’s sound for a video displaying Batman standing on a skyscraper, gaining roughly 454,200 performs and 79,900 likes in a single month (proven beneath, proper).

@thisisnotcaiden if appears to be like may kill. #actual #destroylonely #opiumlabel #kencarson #realasf #candycrush10 #YellowstoneTV #viral ♬ unique sound – cai
@mont9na if appears to be like may kill. #destroylonely #opiumlabel #rap #fyp #actual #mont9na #mont9na2 #trending #batman #blowthisup #destroylonelyarchive ♬ If Seems May Kill – lopuim

Going into January 2023, TikTokers continued to make memes with the music, predominantly portraying romantic, masculine solitude. For example, on January 18th, 2023, TikToker joewoah3y used the sound for a video of last fantasy character Pince Noctis searching of a automobile window with the caption, “me on the best way to high school seeing all these {couples} pleased and smiling (if i am unable to be pleased nobody can.)” The video acquired roughly 13,200 performs and a pair of,300 likes in a single week (proven beneath, left). Subsequently, many TikTokers used the identical format and gained extra engagement. For example, on January twenty first, 2023, TikToker pluck_v posted an analogous video with textual content overlay studying, “Me omw residence after a protracted day of being mysterious and nonchalant (everybody thinks I am autistic),” gaining roughly 1.3 million performs and 321,500 likes in 4 days (proven beneath, proper).

@joewoah3y griffith. #fy #fypシ #foryou #finalfantasy #destroylonely ♬ If Seems May Kill – lopuim
@pluck_v ♬ If Seems May Kill – lopuim

The video of Prince Noctis searching of the automobile window is initially from the 2008 trailer for the last fantasy video games Closing Fantasy Versus XIII. An HD model of the trailer was uploaded to YouTube on December thirteenth, 2008, by the channel kiefer23, gaining roughly 5.4 million views and 38,000 likes in 13 years (proven beneath).

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