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Mothers and fathers of martyrs receive weapons training – ANHA | hawarnews

The citizens of North and East Syria once again show their determination in the resistance against the attacks by the Turkish occupation. In light of the state of emergency announced by the Autonomous Administration on July 6, they are now taking precautionary measures to be ready to face the attacks of the Turkish occupation.

These measures are not only taken in one city but throughout all of North and East Syria. The citizens are learning to use weapons and also take first-aid classes as well as building barricades at the checkpoints in the cities.

In Qamishlo, the mothers and fathers of the martyrs have started taking weapons classes in order to be ready to stand by their military forces against the Turkish occupation and their mercenaries.


Fadye Suleyman, Martyr Basil Suleyman`s mother, pointed out that the classes will run over the course of 3 days, in order to learn how to use weapons so that they are prepared to stand side by side with their military forces against the attacks of the Turkish occupation.

Fadye Suleyman said: “We are now learning how to pick up arms and how to use them. We have also been taking first-aid classes. These things are critical for being able to thwart the attacks of the Turkish occupation in the upcoming phase.”

Fadye Suleyman pointed out that their support for the military forces continues and called on all mothers to learn how to use weapons in order to be prepared for thwarting the attacks by the Turkish occupation and said: “We gave our promise to the martyrs from the beginning that we will not leave our land. Now, we reiterate our promise that despite all these situations we find oursleves in, our will and determination will not break”


Abdulqadir Ibrahim, brother of Martyr Omar Ibrahim and member of the Martyr`s Families Council stated: “We must learn how to use weapons, we must all participate in the revolutionary people`s war and each and every one of us becomes a fighter against the enemy”

Ibrahim continued: “We will benefit greatly from these preparations in the next phase, both for the protection of the residents and we will stand by our military forces in the resistance against the enemy`s attacks. This war will not be like the previous ones. We will continue the resistance with the determination of our martyrs and we will fight against the enemy with full force.”


Shirin Muhammed, sister of martyr Abdulsalam Muhammed, and member of the Youth Committee of Qamishlo Martyrs’ Families Council spoke regarding the topic and said: “During the education, we learn how to stand against the attacks and how to defend ourselves and our land”

Shirin Muhammed called on the youth of Rojava and North East Syria to stand united against the attacks by the Turkish occupation.


Fatma Al-jasim, Martyr Daar Al-Jarboui`s wife (widowed) spoke on the importance of receiving weapons training during this stage and stated that she participates in weapons training in order to protect herself and her children. She stated that: “There are brutal attacks being carried out against us by the fascist Turkish state”

Al-Jasim pointed out that the attacks by the Turkish occupation must be thwarted and said: “We are prepared to support our sons and daughters who are at the frontlines and also to pick up arms and stand by their side and also to defend our land. ”

Fatma Al-Jasim concluded by calling on the international forces to close the airspace over North and East Syria in order to prevent further attacks by the Turkish occupation.




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