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Wesley Quillen Obituary (2022) – Troy, OH

TROY — Wesley Curtis Quillen also known as Curt, and “the Boston Flounder” was born Oct 24, 1954, in Troy Ohio to his Mom Shirley Quillen (Duncan) and Late Father Wesley C. Quillen. We passed in the early morning of July 30th at 1234 am with his two daughters nearby. Wesley was raised here in Troy and attended Troy High School. He grew up on Fenner Road, with his parents of him and two younger brothers Terry and Marty and his late sister Donna. Even back then Wes was considered a force to be reckoned with, and just a person who brought fun, happiness and sometimes a little trouble wherever he went.

Wes graduated in 1973 and soon joined the United States Navy, he learned about the big world outside of Troy. In 1980 he met Debra in a bar in Illinois, she would still to this day describe that it all started in a bar with a point of a finger across a room. The two eventually married in 1982 and later moved to Massachusetts. They did a lot of adventurous things in those years and honestly not really sure if they wanted kids. In 1986 while skiing Wes found out he was having his first child from him; later to be named Kristen. It’s always been said that on that same day he celebrated with a close friend; possibly a little too hard and crashed on a ski slope in New Hampshire called “Idioits option”. He would go on to tell this story to his daughters from him for years to come. In 1990 they had their second daughter, McKenzie. His Girls of him were his life of him, and he would do anything for them.

We moved to Shrewsbury from Boston and made a home to raise his two daughters. He was a grown up now; a husband, a father, but no matter how old he got or how much responsibility he was always a kid at heart. We loved to have a good time. Many have said over the last few days “he was the life of the party.” He was a very serious fantasy football player, and would tell you he is, “The CEO of the Boston Flounders.” He always loved his football and of course March Madness and the trash talking that came with it all. He always expressed his deep devotion and love for The Ohio State Buckeyes and up until his last days he would talk about one day his Oldest Grandson Franki son of Kristen was going to play for Ohio State one day. He living over half his life in Massachusetts and could not deny his love and devotion for the New England Patriots, and more specifically Tom Brady. He passed with a Tom Brady Buccaneers Jersey across him.

In 2010 he returned to Ohio after a tough divorce from his wife Debra, a woman many of us felt he still loved very dearly; but she would also speak of how crazy nuts she was, “He did n’t need No woman to control him.” He would make comments regarding a Bengal painting on his wall by her drawn by her as being his ex-wife by her hanging in his room by her; always trying to lighten the mood and make others laugh. Even if his jokes about him did n’t make sense.

Upon his return to Ohio he was able to enjoy the presence of his parents and the years leading up to his father’s passing in 2017. Curt as most out here would refer to him, was stubborn, ornery, a goof ball but had a heart of gold and would help anyone. In 2013 he started to struggle with more health issues and eventually moved in with his youngest daughter McKenzie and his favorite son in-law Brandon in Piqua Ohio. McKenzie had followed him out here in 2011, always a “daddy’s girl” and now married to a Stepson Christian and had a baby in 2012 named Dominic. Dominic was the light of Curts life in the end. Dominic and Curt were best friends, and most of us would agree Dominic rejuvenated Curts spirit, he had purpose again in helping to care for his two grandkids here in Ohio. Eating ice cream nightly, and bickering, the two had a connection like no other; most felt he gave Curt the last 5 years. He was his “Pa-Paw” of him and despite how young he is insisted on being at his “Pa-Paws” side of him till his last hours. His reasoning of him was, “Because I love him”

Curt never had a chance to meet his youngest Grandson Zachary son of Kristen and his other son in-law Gregg. He desperately wanted to see his oldest grandson Franki; other son of Kristen, play football but never made it back to Massachusetts. He would call regularly though to joke with his distant family whenever possible. And rest assured if no-one answered you were sure to get some crazy voicemail that was no reflection of his age or health from him in the end. Up until his very last days Curt just wanted to make people smile, he never wanted to be a bother but he was always willing to help anyone he could. He always made his presence known, joking with kids in the neighborhood, making some inappropriate joke to a clerk at a gas station or calling multiply people a day just to joke around. I have loved to have a good time and just lighten the stress of everyday life. He was a special guy and almost anyone who knew him would agree. He will go on to be the life of the party in so many people’s lives buy reminiscing over crazy “Wes stories” and random “Wes-ism’s” such as; “Good morning, Vietnam”, “You run your railroad, I’ll run mine”, “Go make the money hunny” and most memorable “Only us Indians know these things” He was a wild, lovable, a big hairy teddy bear , that was stubborn up until the very end. He will be incredibly missed but never forgotten. He survived by many as mentioned above and also many nieces and nephews. Services less traditional like Wes will be held at the homestead, 3515 Fenner Road in Troy, Ohio between the hours of 5-7 with friends, family, music, food, pictures and shared stories is how he wanted it. To all reading this he would want to close with, “Let the Good times Roll”

Published by Miami Valley Today from Aug. 1 to Aug. 2, 2022.

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